April 14th Meeting

The fourth meeting of 2007 will be at noon on Saturday, April 14th in Science Building room 382 at Calvin College.

Who’s Saying What?

Michael Mol for the Rosetta Code project is going to be speaking about the Rosetta Code project and what it’s about.

Outside of that it will be open discussion. The March meeting had interesting conversations about the Presenter First pattern, testing and ActiveRecord.

What is the Rosetta Code project?

Rosetta Code is a repository for code examples that go beyond the traditional “Hello World!” example. Check it out at rosettacode.org

Who Should Come?

Anyone interested in Ruby, Rails, Design Patterns, Testing, Agile Practices or anything else that somehow pertains to ruby and/or software development.

Lunch Is Available

Pizza, pop and water will be available free of charge to attendees.

Meeting Location Information

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